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Kansas City Electrical Contractors

Trying to take care of electrical problems on your own without professional training and experience is incredibly dangerous. You can easily do serious damage to your property or injure yourself or someone else. Faulty electrical wiring is the number one cause of house fires in the US, according to the National Fire Protection Agency. Our Kansas City Electrical technicians will work to make sure that your electrical system is not only functioning as well as possible, but that it’s as safe as possible as well.
We can also provide your home with a safety inspection to ensure that your electrical system doesn’t have any problems that could be a danger to your home. Outdated panels, damaged outlets, and old, worn out wiring will all cause problems with your electricity, but they can also be huge hazards if they aren’t taken care of. Our Kansas City Electrical technicians can inspect your entire system and make you aware of any problems we may find.

Kansas City Home Generators

As a homeowner, you need to be constantly ready for the unexpected occurring. Natural disasters can happen at any time and can be completely unpredictable. Electrical outages may happen at any time and for any number of reasons. Our Kansas City Electrical technicians can help you choose and install a home generator so that you’re ready in case your home is left without power. Electrical outages can force your life to come to a complete stand-still, and home generators can make sure you always stay on track.

How We Excel at Commercial Work

Commercial work is very important for Kansas City Electricians to thrive in. Kansas City is continually growing its population and lots of people are looking at this city as being their new homebase. Especially after the pandemic that hit the world in 2020, US citizens are considering other options than some of the big city locations like San Francisco or New York City or Chicago or Los Angeles. They are looking to smaller cities that have a lot more space and a lot less expensive living requirements.

And as more and more people move to Kansas City, we need our office spaces and warehouses and commercial buildings to be up to code and in tip top shape. That’s where great Kansas City electricians come in. Among the many electricians in the area though, there are only so many that can execute commercial projects. These are large-scale projects that take time, money and consistent effort over several months in some instances. So you need an electrician Kansas City that has proven themselves to be a great company for developers and general contractors like yourself!

That’s why Electrical Investments has been the favorite choice for many people to choose for commercial work and residential work. They’ve been providing this great work for over 20 years now, and the owner, James Henry, ain’t stopping any time soon! Why don’t you keep reading about some of the core values our company holds to be very important? Then go on and read the many 5-star reviews that our customers have communicated online, and give us a call to get started on any work that requires an electrician Kansas City.

Core Values You Can Find With Electrical Investments


Communication is a crucial issue with Kansas City electricians. You need to know that our team will consistently be available to answer any questions or dilemmas you may have about the work we fulfill. Isn’t it annoying when companies don’t provide an easy means to just talk to a human? We get so frustrated with companies because they want to “streamline their workflow.” What they really want to do is disregard the management of office staff and save on expenses.

What these companies don’t realize is that good communication is pivotal for any organization, in any position. At Electrical Investments, we clearly understand this and want to be the influential leaders among Kansas City electricians for this reason!


Having a great can-do attitude at the job is so important. It’s the difference between having a great day that’s full of fun and solving intriguing problems, versus a day filled with annoying problems and you’re in a crabby mood. Good attitudes actually translate into happy clients and happy bank accounts for the business! Because people like paying money to people who are delightful and have a good attitude! If you just checked out our Google reviews, you would find that our team does a pretty great job at this. We like the lessons given by Dale Carnegie in his book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

If you like the fact that a crew of electricians Kansas City wants to make sure they show a great attitude and communicate clearly with their customers, then go ahead and give our team a call!

Electricity is one of the most important and valuable resources we have in our modern society. There’s no doubt that nearly every one of the things you do daily requires electricity in one way or another. It’s so common that it’s easy to take for granted, and we don’t even notice that it’s there. When there’s a problem with your electrical system, however, you’ll notice immediately, and it can be difficult to notice anything else. Electrical problems can be more than an inconvenience, it may pose huge threats to your property and to the safety of you and your family. Our Kansas City, electricians work to make sure that your electrical system is in the best condition possible.
All our Kansas City Electrical Technicians are experienced, licensed, certified, and professionally trained. Whether you need a routine inspection or a full rewiring of your home, we’ll be ready and eager to help. We understand the importance of electricity in your home, so we’ll respond to all requests for service as quickly as possible, and we’ll get the work done as fast as we can without ever sacrificing quality workmanship for speed.
Give us a call today with any questions about the services we provide, or to schedule your appointment.