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  • With over 20 years experience, we’ve gained extensive knowledge of the industry – we solve problems other electricians can’t solve.
  • Listens and is very responsive to each client’s needs.
  • Work to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations
  • Enjoys long-term relationships with our clients – we will work to maintain your confidence in our work.



As the owner of Electrical Investments of Kansas City Electricians, Master Electrician James Henry has invested most of his career in serving the top general contractors and residents throughout the Kansas City area. He has determined with every job and every client his team serves to meet and exceed their expectations. That’s why his clients are so loyal to using Electrical Investments for all of their electrical service and installation needs.

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Invest in a Worthwhile Electrician

Has it been a struggle for you to find dependable Kansas City electricians? Many customers and property owners discover this fact. It can often be an arduous and annoying task to come up with a solid electrician you can consistently rely on. This rings true for all sorts of contractors! Heating and air technicians, plumbers, handymen, general contractors, electricians and many more trades are currently on the hot seat from customers.


Customers have had enough of the nonsense from the trades. That’s why Electrical Investments has continued to stand out and serve as a premier source for electrical work. They’ve been in business for over 20 years now and the main chief of the whole team, James Henry, continues to shine as a bright light for the electrical trade in the cities of Kansas City, and surrounding cities as well.


If you would like to get started with a worthwhile electrician Kansas City and need an estimate right away, then look no further than Electrical Investments! Fill out a form on our website today or just give us a call at (816) 210-1597.


Because see, electricians Kansas City have created a lot of their own problems with customers. First of all, you’ll find that some electricians are not reliable with their communication. They get swamped with the current workload and end up forgetting to follow up with you. They get overwhelmed with their general contractors assigning them projects or the apprentices they have on staff learning the trade. Due to these reasons, and the fact that few people really are great at staying on top of their obligations, most Kansas City electricians struggle to communicate efficiently with their clients.


If you were to choose any old Kansas City electrician, you’ll also find that they are very rough around the edges on pricing. This is a particularly annoying aspect of contractors in general, especially when you are looking at large-scale projects to complete. Electricians Kansas City get excited whenever they land a big project. More money to cover paying employees and overhead! What happens though is they’ll take initial measurements and create an initial estimate, but as the project moves forward, problems begin to happen. The crew ends up going slower than expected and doesn’t complete the work in a timely manner. Material costs end up rising throughout the job, which hurts the bottom line for the business owner. They also end up creating change orders and additional costs because of unforeseen problems and issues. These costs are convenient for the Kansas City electrician because it’s helping to solve the inefficiency he’s facing with his crew.


In the end, you get a project that costs you more than you were initially told and it took longer than you were initially thinking. You’re at risk of this frustration but choosing any Kansas City electricians that haven’t been vetted out. If you can’t find overwhelming validation that your electrician or any service contractor is capable of doing great work, then good luck to you!


You might as well just choose Electrical Investments. Here’s why:

Core Values for Electrical Investments

For one thing, Electrical Investments actually has core reasons for choosing their company. This alone puts them in the top 10% of Kansas City electricians. And while other companies may have their own core values, few have their core values baked into their processes and how they do business. Few companies are intentional enough to specifically identify ways that they “communicate better” or “present themselves professionally.” So here’s why Electrical Investments is a great investment for your electrical work.


With any electrician Kansas City, you just have to have great communication. If there isn’t great communication at the beginning of the work, then you might be in for a world of hurt. What I mean is if they don’t provide a specific plan for how they will fulfill your work, that’s poor communication. If they don’t answer your call the first time, or don’t get back to you in a timely manner, then that’s poor communication. If they don’t schedule specific appointments and don’t go overboard to communicate expectations, then that’s poor communication. These may seem like very simple ways to do business, but few people consistently do business this way!


Most Kansas City electricians actually just take phone calls, jot down on paper when they will go do the work and keep all the details about the job in their head. You have a world of problems and things happening in your life. Why would you want to clutter your head with all these important details about your work??


What the best electricians do is they schedule their time very intentionally and jot down the important details about their jobs on to-do lists and checklists. Then, they set up their schedules so that there are weekly and daily huddles with their team members to make sure everyone is on track and following the best practice plan. This is what you can expect with Electrical Investments.


The team at Electrical Investments knows all the time and effort that it takes to fulfill massive jobs for clients. I mean, their team runs half a million dollar electrical install jobs! This is a professional, well put-together team and they couldn’t possibly be bringing in millions of dollars each year without being meticulous and methodical with their details. So if you want Kansas City electricians who clearly understand what it takes to thrive on your projects, then give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you out.


This kind of can-do attitude that I communicated in the “Communication” section should help illustrate the winning attitude we implement with our work. Our attitude is all about what will be the best for you as the client. Not giving estimates or prices over the phone or email? That seems like it would be easier for you as the client, but it’s actually more beneficial for you overall to meet in-person and discuss the specific details with your electrician. Having a specified pricing schedule that relies on hitting deadlines? This is beneficial for you as well because you now have documented verification of what to expect by working with us.


Attitude is so important with any endeavor and you couldn’t find any Kansas City electricians who excel better with their attitude. A great attitude helps you get up in the morning and attack the day. It helps you lock in and focus on what’s really going to help out your clients more. Whenever you have a coachable attitude that’s on a mission to learn, develop, and be the best you can be in your work, that’s when you know you’ll provide excellence to anyone you work with, anytime.


With Electrical Investments, this is likely what you’ll enjoy the most. You work with a company of Kansas City electricians who are very focused on delivering this attitude of excellence with every job. We have a reputation to back up online from great, happy customers. We have over 20 years of working experience to illustrate to our clients. We have a no-brainer offer on all our service calls for 1st time customers who have never heard us before. We need to look impressive.


It all starts with a winning attitude.


It’s also illustrated visually with a great appearance. First impressions are everything and if you don’t look like an impressive company prior to someone calling you, then you won’t be as eager to work with the company. That’s why working with Electrical Investments is still a great decision.


If you look them up on Google, you’ll find plenty of 5-stars reviews that provide great details about why they’ve been such a tremendous company to work with. If you look at their website, you can tell that’s been professionally built. It contains a lot of great information that should communicate that the company cares about being the most knowledgeable Kansas City electricians for their prospective clients and for Google! Then if you checked them out on other websites around the internet, it would be hard to find anything bad about their company.


Then whenever you give them a call, you get the great impression on the phone that they have a plan to solve your problem. As they arrive at your place, they are uniformed, have a to-do list or checklist with them and are ready to take notes and measurements about the project. They are alert and available to educate you on what needs to be done. They care about illustrating a great appearance. 


This is not a default situation with Kansas City electricians and that’s why Electrical Investments needs to be the company you decide to work with!


This also correlates with appearances too! You wouldn’t want a sweaty, old, tired group of Kansas City electricians coming to your home to fulfill your work, right? You want someone who’s put together well. You want an electrician that once you look at them for the first time, they aren’t intimidated. You want a friendly person to work with you, right?


Thankfully, that’s what you’ll get with Electrical Investments. You’ll be getting a proven technician to work with you and walk you through the details of your job. You’ll be happy to find great excellence and care about your work. You’ll be overjoyed to see that we cleaned up our workspace prior to leaving the job, because you know, we want your home to be treated as if it was our own! You would also hope that we treat our homes with great cleanliness too!


Finally, this should be pretty straightforward, but with Electrical Investments, our Kansas City electricians are all about execution. Can we consistently execute great care and excellence with our work? You would certainly hope so! If we couldn’t consistently execute our work with excellence, then how could we have stayed in business for over 20 years? How could we continually grow our operations every year, and even grow our profitability? 


At Electrical Investments, know with certainty that our team will continually execute great work for you. If you have doubts about it, then give us a call and our owner, James Henry, would be happy to talk with you about whether or not our team is a good fit for you and your project. 

Why We’re the Kansas City Electricians For You

There’s a few more reasons that I won’t dive into too many details about. You can find more clarity about these reasons all over our website, but here’s just some brief words about each of these points below.

$75 Off Your First Service Call

Never worked with us before? Don’t feel like you have to break your bank account to give us a try! For your first service call with our company, we’ll take off $75 from the service work we book with you. That should be incentive enough to at least give us a try. I mean, you’ll find plenty of people have tried us out on Google. So why not?

Over 20 Years of Experience

Anyone who’s been consistently working in one trade or one area for over 20 years has proven themselves to be very capable. While it’s not a guarantee that anyone who’s done electrical work for over 20 years will be amazing, it does show that we’ve built a worthy reputation. For anyone who’s looking for excellence, this should greatly matter.

Responsive To Your Client Needs

Don’t you find it annoying when Kansas City electricians aren’t responsive to your needs? When they won’t call you back or won’t do the proactive calling to let you know about the status of the job? Don’t tolerate the nuisances. Just work with Electrical Investments and you won’t have to tussle with these grievances any longer.

Value That Lasts a Lifetime

Overall, using us as your Kansas City electricians will be a decision that brings you value for many years to come. If you’ve read this whole article and haven’t called us, then what are you doing?? Just give Electrical Investments a call and our team will get whatever problem you need fixed, sorted out today.