Attempting to perform any electrical repairs without professional training and experience is extremely dangerous. It can cause serious damage to your property, and there’s a chance that you or someone involved will be seriously injured. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, faulty electrical wiring is the leading cause of house fires in the United States. Our Liberty electricians will work to make sure that your electrical system is as safe as possible and functioning at its best.
We can also provide you with an electrical safety inspection to ensure that no dangers are lingering behind the scenes. Faulty or old, worn out wiring, panels that need to be upgraded, or outlets that are in ill-repair can all contribute to a poorly functioning electrical system, and can also lead to dangerous hazards if they’re left untreated. Our Liberty electricians will find any parts of your electrical system that may be safety threats and make you aware of them before suggesting how to move forward.

Liberty Home Generators

As a homeowner, you need to be ready for any emergencies that may occur. Natural disasters are almost completely unpredictable, and they can happen at any time. You never know when an electrical outage may occur. In case your home is left without power, our Gardner electricians can help you choose and install a home generator so that you’re ready for any scenario. An electrical outage can make your life grind to a complete halt and having a home generator can keep you on track.


What Are Electrical Investment’s Core Values Again?

Core values matter a lot for companies, and they especially matter if Liberty electricians want to ensure that they are providing great service and excellence. Core values need to be noticed in every part of the business. These aren’t just fun topics that get slapped on a whiteboard in a meeting room and talked about once. These core values are something the business owners deeply care about and want to see influenced in every part of the business. 


The core values are mentioned throughout the weeks from leadership and they are actually values that are compensated with good earnings and income to employees who follow-through. They are pivotal themes in the business. They are seen by customers as well, so much so, that they comment about these core values in the reviews they write online. When a company has core values that matter that much, it makes a huge difference in the business and inspires excellence. 


If you want to hire an electrician Liberty that has very clear, strong core values, then give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help you out!


This is likely one of the most valuable aspects Liberty electricians can illustrate with their work. Great communication solves lots of problems. Some customers might be confused about pricing options and why a company’s prices are where they are. Good communication helps to explain how pricing works and even educates the customer to the point of understanding. Some other long-term clients may have an issue with the schedule for a certain job that Electrical Investments recently quoted. Clear communication from a qualified Liberty electrician can help explain why the schedule is the way it is.


It’s one of the things that many people in our Google reviews talk about and it’s why anyone likes any company! You have to have great communication and that’s what Electrical Investments has. 


A good attitude cures many conflicts and bad moods. Let’s be honest, somedays, we just don’t want to get up in the morning and “seize the day.” The only thing we want to seize is a soft pillow on a chilly, dreary day. The best companies in the world, like Electrical Investments, know that every day provides its own, unique challenges. The only way to engage with these issues and still enjoy life is by committing to having a great attitude!


That’s what our Liberty electricians are trained to do. Our team is trained to understand that problems will have and delays will happen and wrecks will happen with vehicles and life problems will happen…but should this deter us from executing great work? Not at all! By putting on a smile and attacking the day, no matter what is through our way, we can ensure that great work is fulfilled for our clients. 


We can’t sell great work if we look terrible. That seems pretty straightforward, but we’ve seen plenty of electricians Liberty who don’t quite understand what a “good appearance” looks like. They will have beat up vehicles that aren’t tagged with their brand name or logo. They have clothing that looks like they just threw it on this morning in a mad rush. They looked like they’ve worked their butt off all week, and it shows around the eyes. 


A great appearance helps the customer know that they are working with a professional, put-together company. At Electrical Investments, we’ve learned the lessons of not looking or acting your best in front of clients. It kills deals and confidence! So with our Liberty electricians, we do a terrific job of leaning into the guys and ensuring that they put their best foot forward.


Finally, you just have to execute. A Liberty electrician that doesn’t understand that shouldn’t be an electrician! This is how you’re able to grow a great business and thrive in your industry for over two decades. That’s exactly what James Henry has done and this same quality work is exactly what we will fulfill for your electrical needs. Give us a call today or fill out a form today!