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Maintaining a safe and reliable electrical system within your home is one of the most important things a homeowner can do. There are only a few things in your home that are as dangerous and potentially fatal as faulty wiring. It’s essential to hire qualified individuals to make any repairs or additions to your electrical system to guarantee that it will keep you and your family safe. All Electrical Investments’ Kansas City electricians are trained to identify and correct all unsafe wiring conditions.

Electricity has become an extremely useful and reliable source of energy in all our homes today. It’s so reliable that we often take for granted how important it’s role is in our everyday lives. If a problem does arise it’s typically noticed by home owners quickly and becomes a large inconvenience and/or safety issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Electrical Investments of Kansas City electricians is a company where we pride ourselves on our ability to service all our customers’ needs in a timely and effective manner. We take it very seriously if you are having issues with your electrical system and will get there quickly to fix any problems you may be having.

Kansas City Electrical Panel Repairs or Replacement

Your electrical panel is the main electrical hub in your home. It’s responsible for transferring and distributing power to the branch circuitry within your home. It’s imperative that this piece of electrical equipment be functioning correctly. There are a lot of common problems that we run into when servicing electrical panels. One of the most common is double tapped or oversized breakers. These are code violations, and both seem to be a common issue within many of the Kansas City’s homes. If a breaker is oversized for the wire that is attached to it the wire will break down and melt before the breaker trips causing an extremely hazardous situation within the walls or attic of your home.

Another common problem with electric panels handled by Kansas City electricians is that they have not been grounded correctly. This is important because electricity takes the quickest path to ground. A proper grounding electrode system ensures that any stray electricity will run through the grounding conductors in a safely designed manner. If there is no grounding electrode system in place any stray or shorting electricity has a chance of using your appliances or even your physical body as a pathway to ground. It can be a dangerous and costly situation to find yourself in if you are not protected. Electrical Investments specializes in installing grounding electrodes systems within homes.

As Kansas City electricians, we have installed thousands throughout the Kansas City area, so you can trust us to get it right. Another big problem we find in many homes is that they are using faulty panels that have proven to fail and cause fires. If you have a Federal Pacific or Zinsco or Pushmatic panel it’s imperative that you consider replacing them. The over current protecting devices in these panels tend to fail and melt down before functioning properly. Feel free to call us and we’ll be happy to come out and give you a free evaluation of your home’s electrical panel and grounding system.

Kansas City Receptacle Repairs or Replacement

There are few electrical devices in a home used more than receptacles. We plug anything from our phone chargers to hair dryers into them and they tend to break down over time. If you are experiencing any loose outlets or outlets you hear shorting out as you plug into them it’s time to get them replaced. We can typically change out a standard receptacle for a new one at a low cost, it makes sense to repair them before they become a fire hazard.

Kansas City GFCI Repairs p Replacement

A GFCI is a receptacle that is designed to keep you safe while you use it. They are extremely sensitive to stray currents and automatically shut off if they sense even a slight problem. They are required to be used if there is a water source close by, on your kitchen counter tops, in your garages, in any unfinished area, and outdoors. If you notice your home isn’t protected by these devices call Electrical Investments and our Kansas City electricians will come right out and either replace faulty ones or install them where needed.

Kansas City Light Fixture Repairs or Replacement

The lighting in our homes is essential to have working properly because we use it every day. Rather it be in the morning get ready for what the day has in store for us or winding down at night, lighting has become an essential tool we use to make our lives easier. Our constant use of light fixtures gives them the potential to wear down and break. If you are having any problems with your lighting, as Kansas City electricians, we are experts at diagnosing, repairing and replacing any light fixtures you may have in your home.

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