Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring is probably the most complicated part of your home’s entire electrical system. It’s also one of the most important, so when you need work done on your wiring, it’s important that you hire a professional Kansas City electrician you can trust. The electrical wiring determines the performance for every appliance and device in your home.
Electrical wiring is often inside walls and ceilings making it difficult and dangerous to attempt without professional training and experience. Our Electrical Investments wiring technicians are all licensed, certified, professionally trained, and highly experienced. We guarantee that any wiring we provide will be up to local and national codes and standards.
Rewiring Services
Today’s standards for household wiring have greatly progressed, leaving homes as old as the 1980’s very potentially needing to be rewired. Homes use much more electricity than ever before, thanks to more devices and more appliances than we’ve ever had before. Due to the advancements in technology over just the past couple decades, older wiring may deteriorate quickly, leading to major issues for your home. If you do not update your wiring before putting your house on the market, this could lead to not passing safety inspections.
Here are a few things to look out for that could indicate you may need rewiring services:
  • If you don’t have an outlet every six to eight feet of wall in your home, your home isn’t properly wired
  • If blown circuit breakers or fuses are becoming an issue
  • If your wiring is black. Newer electrical wiring uses PVC materials and is usually white or grey
  • If the wiring is showing signs of deterioration, such as cracking, or falling apart